CEO: Kou Qin, PhD

Harvard University
Statistical Genetics

COO: Yiting Xu, PhD

University of Bristol, UK
Molecular Biology
Global Operations

CTO: Dingbai Liao, MS

Zhejiang University
Computer Science
System Architecture

R&D Head: Zhe Liu, PhD

Harvard University
Machine Learning
Environmental Health

Branding Head: Fei Xie, MArch

Washington University
UI/UX Design
Product Design

Marketing Head: Petter Larsen, MS

Hult International Business School
International Business
Marketing & Sales

Scientific Advisor: George Church, PhD

Professor,Genetics,Harvard Medical School and MIT.
Founding core member of Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard.

Scientific Advisor: Jiali Han, PhD

Chair and Professor,Epidemiology,Indiana University
Adjunct Professor,Skin Genetics,Harvard University

Marketing Advisor: John Quelch, PhD

Marketing,Management and Policy
Professor,Harvard Business School
Former Dean,London Business School & CEIBS

Biomedical Consultants: Lei Li, MD, PhD

Clinical and Medical Affair
Former Genetic Lab Head, Novartis
Former CLIA PGx Lab head, Pfizer

Strategic Advisor: Yizhong Wang, MBA

Angel Investor
Founder of Jin-Care Technology
Former Group SVP, Smith & Nephew

About Us
Skinome is spearheading the first data-driven, made to order cosmetic products. Skinome Suncreen is customized to your genetics and survey data.

We’ve adopted the now affordable DNA sequencing technology and a new customer-to-manufacturer (C2M) subscription model to reinvent the cosmetics industry.By sequencing the pieces of your genome relevant to your skin development and incorporating your survey data, we can use our proprietary algorithms to precisely formulate a personalized sunscreen with your name on the label.

If you are satisfied with the product, you can subscribe to our service. The made-to-order sunscreen will be delivered to your doorstep directly from manufacturers at an affordable price.

Skinome is enrolled in the Y Combinator fellowship and is backed by YC in Silicon Valley.